This section is not LIVE. Memberships will be available from June 2023


Family Membership (all your family are members)£60.00 / year for 1 year
Non Playing Membership£40.00 / year for 1 year
Playing Membership£50.00 / year for 1 year
Supporter Membership (associate membership - no Club benefits)£20.00 / year for 1 year
Under 18/ Student Membership£30.00 / year for 1 year
Visitor Playing Membership (associate membership - no Club benefits)£10.00 / year for 1 year

By joining the Isle of Mull Rugby Club you are supporting the clubs efforts in running men’s, women’s, junior and mini teams. This involves a great deal of travelling expenses.

You are also helping to maintain the playing fields and clubhouse built by our members from scratch.

These facilities have been described as the “most picturesque in the northern hemisphere”.

Please join the Isle of Mull Rugby Club to become a partner in our efforts.