Island Sports Hall

On Mull the weather has been changing over recent years. Winters have seen a substantial increase in rainfall. Outdoor sports have been declining or becoming much more difficult to organise.

The Isle of Mull Rugby Club is proposing a large indoor facility, available to all at Garmony. This will give Mull a modern, wet weather space for all our community to enjoy. For example the construction of a sports hall would give our outstanding indoor athletes the premises they deserve and allow them to promote home events on Mull. It would mean Mull would have a full sized basketball court and could, for the first time, host visiting teams. It would mean evening training for all sports would always go ahead no-matter the weather.

Our island sports day could move into the hall if it was raining instead of being cancelled. For the more relaxed amongst us an indoor bowls club could be started. The uses for such a facility, in this central position on the island, are many and varied.

Please support this appeal by making the very best contribution you can towards this exciting capital project.