West Highland and Island Sevens

The Worlds Most Sociable Sevens

It’s the world’s friendliest tournament this weekend - The Mull Sevens. There will be 24 teams taking part in these extraordinary games. When you look back at the people who have played there, ........ you have to say the weekend gives a little more than some others!     

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In 2002 Atlantis Rugby Club from the USA flew across the pond to play in the “Worlds Most Sociable sevens. The trip was organised by Emil Signes and is fully documented on his Atlantis Mull Sevens web page.
The Atlantis Women’s Sevens team were an outstanding side who swept the tournament challengers aside. They were also a great fun addition to all the social events. Mull very much hope that one day the Atlantis Men's team will also make the journey to the Isle of Mull, home to the “Worlds Most Sociable Sevens”.

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A third of the total population of the Isle of Coll arrive for the 2014 Mull Sevens in the Whale Watching boat.

A few of the more flamboyant players arrive at the Sevens by helicopter.

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